Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas for a Better Space

Master bedroom is one of the rooms available in a house and you may need to consider our small master bedroom design ideas to get the most of the available space. Master bedrooms are generally larger than other bedrooms in the house. However, if you only have such a limited space to be creative with, it is important to work several things out. Here we have several interesting tips you can apply in your small master bedroom.

Create the impression upward

When it comes to a small room or other rooms that have a very limited horizontal space, it is highly recommended to work things out vertically. An optical illusion is what we are talking about right now. Decorating with vertical perception will give you a bigger yet wider impression of a room.

Creating a focal point and point of interest vertically will help you to maximize the horizontal space with furniture pieces. On the other hand, you can still be creative by putting some accessories here and there vertically. Bold accent wall may work great too and, on the other hand, you can still show your personality through the color as well.

Figure out the hidden potential

Small space is a challenge for everyone and you need to be creative about it. When the small space is the main concern, you will make the most of every centimeter in the room. The hidden potential is something you need to look for. You must find out things you need from the available space. Besides compact furniture pieces, you can also invest in some multi-function items of furniture.

Aesthetically-pleasing storage

When you need small master bedroom design ideas, you need to consider the furniture pieces you choose to fill the space. Embracing the good-looking storage will help you to decorate the room without having to try that hard. Not all furniture is equally created. Some of them can accommodate two things at once, for an instance, a piece of furniture that can be used for storage but also looks great in the room.

Stay simple

Clutter never works goodly in a small space. Keeping the design in streamlined look will give a better result both on the look and on the simplicity since we want to make the most of the space. The main function of the room must be in the center stage. And if you want to create a workspace in the bedroom, make sure that the workspace would not interfere with the main purpose of the room. Investing in furniture pieces that look great and well-functioned will help you to reach this goal.

Let the outdoor gets inside

Make sure your master bedroom has access to the outdoor environment. This can be created by installing a large window so you can see the outside world from where you lay your back. Just put some drapery or rolling blind when you need to protect yourself from the sun or over-exposed. And this is the end of small master bedroom design ideas.

Small Living Room Ideas to Make the Most of It

Talking about small living room ideas cannot be separated from the fact that space is limited. But it does not mean that we cannot make it appears to be cozy and cute at the same time. Other than that, you can also create a more spacious living room by applying the tips and tricks from us. Check out our tips in this article.

Turn stools as a seat

Large furniture pieces are not a good idea when it comes to a small living room. Even if you want to put a sofa in the living room, you may need to pick the one that looks proportional. But if you still need another item for a seat then you may consider stools as the seat. Since the function is for sitting, stools are more compact and less bulky than a couch or an armchair. Other than that, a stool is easy to maneuver.

Compact and multi-functional furniture

Since you only have a limited room to décor your small living room, you need to invest in several multi-functional furniture pieces. Another idea is using a sofa that could also serve as a storage spot in it. In order to make a larger and wider impression of a room, you may consider applying a mirror as a reflective surface and maximizing the natural light inside the living room. When it comes to small living room ideas, you really need to minimize the clutter and maximize the function of the room at the same time.

Put the main area away from the entrance

Regardless of the style, it could be a bit tricky to make a relaxing spot when the entrance is located straight into the living room. This is why you may need to take the emphasis away from the door by making a focal point along with seating that has been thoughtfully arranged. Applying a neutral color palette that tends to be cool is going to make it works with most of the interior styles available nowadays. If you still want to install a blind in the living room, choose roller blinds instead so the room may appear bigger as well.

Think vertically

Wallpaper is like the safest way to decorate the wall in the living room. You do not need any extra effort since the wallpaper is available in various shapes and colors nowadays. But it is better if you work vertically. We also recommend you to use geometric patterns so it may create a neat look. Also, the presence of natural light is another plus value for the small living room.

Get together with white

White and other cool yet soft colors are great to complement your small living room. If you leave the wall blank in white, you can just hang some interesting pieces or artwork on the wall. Long story short, injecting pastel and soft shades may work really well when it comes to a small living room or other rooms with limited space. And this is the end of small living room ideas.

How to Apply Simple Home Decoration for a Minimalist House

Having a small house doesn’t mean that you are unable to create a comfortable situation and even make it bigger. You have to know that this comfortable house doesn’t need to put many supporting furniture items or expensive home decoration. You should apply simple home decoration. It needs to decorate it simply that is able to create eyes illusion and place efficiency. Here are the ways to make it.

Bright Wall

A simple home decoration can be a bright wall. It is able to create a comfortable situation and make a spacious effect for a room. The right colors to decorate home wall are white, beige, or blue. If you get difficulties to change the wall color, try to hang on the wall details, accessories, or paintings on the wall. The bright wall accessories can make your house look bigger and spacious. It also becomes an easy way to make a simple home decoration.

Transparent Table and Chairs for a Simple Home Decoration

 When you select a chair and table option for a simple home decoration, choose the high-quality transparent material like acrylic. Though it looks transparent and fragile, in a reality, the acrylic material is fairly strong to hold on the load. Those tables and chairs will create a small room look bigger than its real size because you can see the existed items from those items.

Displaying A Mirror

Talking about a home decoration, the simple decoration is using a mirror. The mirror in any sizes and shapes can create a spacious look. You can put a mirror in a decorative cabinet or hang it on the wall. Make sure that the location is difficult to reach. In order to make harmonious with the room interior, choose the mirror with the same color frame and appropriate shape to the room style. The simple home decoration can be found easily in a supermarket or mall.

Use Small Furniture Items

Prevent to use big size furniture items for a simple home decoration in a house especially a small house. Though you really love it, the big size of furniture in the house surely makes your house full. It is better to use small furniture items adjusted to the room size. The main key is making sure that the sofa, chair, and coffee table put in one room. There are many left spaces in the central part of your house.

Apply Horizontal Line in a Simply Home Decoration

Do you know that the eyes illusion with the line? The vertical lines are able to create a higher room space. Meanwhile, the horizontal line is able to create a soft and gentle room impression. For a small room, apply the horizontal line motifs to be a simple home decoration. The horizontal line motif can be applied to the wall. For the line color, you should select the safe colors like black and white. But, if you are brave for experimenting with the other color, why don’t you apply it. It becomes a nice option for home decoration to a minimalist house.

Home Decoration Useful Tips for Decorating Your Small House

A small house is an adjustable residence for everyone. The small house is a reasonable choice. The home size doesn’t determine the comfort. By concerning itshome decoration ways, your house will feel comfortable though it has a limited size. You will forget that it is a small house. Here are some useful tips for decorating your small house.

White Wall Paint for A Spacious Impression

Adopting white wall paint can be a good way to make your residence more comfortable. Despite bringing the bright color, white paint also makes a spacious look so that your residence feel relieving. Try to paint white paint to all homerooms in your small house. It is working well to make it spacious. In addition, white wall paint makes your mood good. It is able to encourage your mood to stay good.

The Wooden Touch in the Kitchen Makes Your House Fresh and Update

Giving the wooden touch in the kitchen can be a perfect way to present the freshness in a house. In addition, your residence will be chic and look update. For example, you can adopt the raw wood for kitchen cabinet or wood for the surface of the kitchen table. It becomes a brilliant idea. The wooden touch can be got from the details and kitchen utensils. Make sure that you find the best utensils to put in your small house.

The United Kitchen and Dining Room Is a Key of a Spacious Impression

The minimum border can be a key to make your room look spacious. For example, you can become a kitchen and dining room to be one area. Despite being multifunctional, this area becomes an efficient space. You don’t need to design a kitchen and dining room with a separate area. It means that it saves your budget to design two rooms to be one designing idea.

Maximize Your Home Corner

You can maximize the home corner. The home corner can be used for being an office room or a chic library. You should maximize the function of the room in your small house. You should let the corner areas look empty. You can change it to be an office room or fulfill it with bookshelves and change to be a mini library. It looks useful for your activities at home. Even, a home corner can be a family room. You can spend your time in the narrow space with your family. It tends to be unique and enjoyable for having a quality time with your family.

Use Minimalist Furniture Items

The last way in decorating a small house is using minimalist furniture items. The choice of furniture becomes a tip to make your room look spacious. For example, you can select a buffet. You may select floating shelves. In addition, you can select furniture bed having a hidden cabinet under the bed. Those are beneficial to save more spaces in a small house. You don’t get a headache to arrange it all. Try to implement those tips in home decoration for a small house.

Home Design Tips to Design Your Minimalist House

If you want to have a comfortable house, it is better to select a minimalist home design. The home design is a simple design and of course, it doesn’t make you prepare much budget. The simple minimalist design can be formed by its room setting, the choice of property, and some other things influencing the aesthetic system of the house. Here are some ways on designing your minimalist house.

Dividing the Room Spaces for a Minimalist House

The first design of the simple minimalist house is dividing the room spaces. The rooms are at least divided into four parts of the room. The first one is leaving the space for a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and surely bathroom. For the bathroom part, you can prepare a bedroom for parents and kids. In those rooms, it is important to get separated in order that the parents can do important discussion comfortably and the kids are able to develop their creativity and ideas without the limit.

Leaving the Limit and Border

In making some home parts, it is better to combine some rooms in one unlimited space. The limit can decrease the free space. It is great to remove the limit for the room having no privacy. For example, you can remove a border between a kitchen and living room. The living room and kitchen don’t require privacy. However, you need to be tidier because the minimalist home design will show a messy kitchen look.

Bright Color for Home Rooms

The coloring process in the house becomes a key in making a simple design of a minimalist house. The color can give a particular impression in a design. For a narrow design, the bright color is the suitable one. The bright colors are white and blue sky being the best colors for a minimalist house. The house will look spacious because the room sides are not tied to each other due to the light reflection. The effect is giving comfort if you give a bright color to a narrow home design.

Choosing the Property

After you discuss the room, it is the time to discuss the given property in the design. The key to making a home minimalist design is giving sufficient property. It means that it includes some important points such as the number of put furniture items in the house, the details of the furniture, and the size of the furniture. For the number of furniture, it is better to buy sufficient furniture items without adding unimportant furniture like a big table. Maximize the functions of the furniture. You can select the put furniture in the useless spaces.

Color for Your Furniture Items

For the color of the furniture, it is demanded to be adjustable. Make sure that there are no crash colors making it high contrast in a room color. The high contrast makes the sharp coloring and tiring your eyes. The safe colors are white and beige that are friendly to the other colors. Don’t combine the furniture colors with the inside home background color because it makes your minimalist home design look flat and not colorful. Those are some ways of designing a home design.

Decorative Plants As Home Decoration

Home decoration by using decorative plants are various. Such as hanging plants, decorative plants in pots, leaf decorative plants, flower decorative plants, and other ones which are included in indoor plants. Using decorative plants as decorations will not only make your house looks more attractive but also make it looks more lively. The plants will give fresh air in your house. Below are some inspirations of decorative plants that you can use as a home decoration.

Aloe Vera

Planting aloe vera to be used as a decoration in your house will give a lot of benefits. Aloe vera is beneficial to be used as a wound healing medicine. It is also very beneficial as a vitamin to nourish hair or maintain healthy hair. It is quite easy to treat this decorative plant. This is why a lot of people are interested to plant aloe vera in their houses. Place aloe vera in a white pot and put it on the table to make it as a decoration.


This kind of decorative plants has typical shapes and leaf patterns. So that it is suitable to be used as a home decoration. Moreover, this decorative plant is also easy to find. Aglaonema is mostly placed in office spaces because it is easy to treat especially in an air-conditioned room. So that if you look for a decorative plant that is durable in an air-conditioned room, Aglaonema might be a perfect choice. Moreover, Aglaonema is able to absorb toxins in a room at your house. For you who want to have a healthy and clean room, use this decorative plant as a decoration.


Have you ever thought about using a palm as a decoration in your house? This can be done by considering several things. Because the size is relatively big, it will be a problem if you do not place this decorative plant properly. Use a big pot to plant the palm and place it in an empty corner space in your room. A palm does not require any complicated treatments so that it is suitable for you who want an easy treated decorative plant.


If the previous inspirations are leaf decorative plants, this one is a flower decorative plant. Daisy has very pretty colors so that this plant is perfect to be used as a decoration in a house. But if you want to use the daisy as a decoration, you must treat it regularly. You must regularly expose it to the sunlight and change the water. However, the efforts you do worth the beauty of this flower.


This decorative plant is a perfect decoration for a bedroom. The best position to place Lily as a bedroom decoration is on the edge of a window. Lily has a beautiful white flower that will make you rest better. Place this decorative plant in the direction where the sunlight comes through. Lily will surely beautify your bedroom.

Plants can be an affordable decoration for your house. Those are inspirations of decorative plants as a home decoration.

Simple Home Decorations You Must Have

Home decoration does not always have to be expensive. A comfortable house is not created by expensive decorations and furniture. Instead, a cozy home is created by simple and proper decorations. Are you confused about choosing simple decorations that can make your house feel cozy? Here are some recommendations for you.

See Through Chairs and Table

When choosing chairs and table to make them as simple decorations, choose the ones which are made from a high-quality see-through material such as acrylic. Even though it looks fragile, an acrylic material is strong enough to hold loads above it. The see-through chairs and table are suitable to be placed in a small house. Because they will make the house looks more spacious.


When we talk about a home decoration, the simplest and easiest one to use is mirrors. Mirrors in any shapes and sizes will make a small room looks 2 times more spacious. The way to put it in a small room is also very easy. You can hang the mirror on the wall or put it on the table. With a note, the location cannot be reached by the children if you have kids at your house. In order to match the mirror with your interior design, choose the one with matched color frames. And choose its shape should also be matched with the style.

Horizontal Stripes

Vertical stripes are able to create a higher room impression, while horizontal stripes are able to create a bigger room impression. If you have a small house, applying horizontal stripes as a home decoration can be a solution to make it looks bigger. You can apply the horizontal stripes patterns on the walls at your house. For the colors, monochrome colors such as black and white will be perfect. But if you want to brave yourself by using other colors, do not hold it.

Tall Opened Bookshelf

For you who are a books lover, having a bookshelf in your house seems to be a must. When it comes to a bookshelf, choose the tall and open one. A tall opened bookshelf will create a spacious impression in your house. Its tall size will be more place efficient than the wide bookshelf to the side. Moreover, with this kind of bookshelf, it will be easier for you to find a book you want to read. Make sure the ceiling is high enough to have this bookshelf.

Decorative Lamps

Lamps are an artificial light source which is used to light up a room. So that the householders can comfortably do their activities. Moreover, lamps are also able to be used as a decoration. Place a lamp in a proper and right position so that it can light up all corners in a room at your house. A bright house will look more spacious and cleaner.

Those are the recommendations of simple decorations that can be your inspirations to be placed at your house. So that your house will look more decorative. So, what kind of a home decoration that is already at your house?

Tips to Have Scandinavian Home Design

Home design should be matched with the personality of the householders. If you love a natural and calm nuance, a Scandinavian design might be suitable for you. Scandinavian design is identical with soft pastel colors, light brown, white walls, neutral color palette, and brave color accents in every side. Scandinavian design is admired by those who love an aesthetic impression without too many details and decorations at their houses. For you who want to apply this home design, follow the tips below.

The Main Interior Color

Scandinavian design has main colors which are applied to dominate an entire room. The main colors are white and light grey, or white and light brown. These colors are applied to the walls or floors so that the whole room looks brighter and cleaner. When choosing furniture, choose the ones with soft color palette so that the Scandinavian design looks even stronger.

Other Colors as Accents

As it is said before, the main colors used for Scandinavian design are white, light grey, and light brown. But it does not mean you cannot use other colors. For example, you can use soft pink for pillowcases, white carpet with light blue stripes, light purple for a throw blanket, colorful geometric patterned tablecloth. Avoid using neon colors because it will ruin the Scandinavian style.

Essential Furniture

Prioritizing functions of furniture is not the same as using a lot of furniture. Scandinavian design is identical with essential furniture. In a family room, there are only a coffee table, sofa, and rack. In a bedroom, there are only a bed, wardrobe, and dresser. The furniture themselves do not have any complicated carvings or shapes. A Scandinavian house looks spacious because there are only some essential furniture used. It will be better if you use multifunction furniture.

This is why Scandinavian style is very suitable for a small minimalist house. Moreover, the use of minimalist furniture will make it easy for you to clean the room at your house.

Adding Textures

A Scandinavian style uses non-slippery surface textures. The messy texture can be gotten from the use of a bedding set made from linen materials. You do not have to iron it. Leave it messy for a more natural look. You also do not have to coat the wooden furniture if you have one in your house. Leave them as they are. This messy texture will make your house looks more flexible, natural, and comfortable.

Green Plants

The main decoration of a house with Scandinavian style is green plants. Why green plants? It is because the concept of Scandinavian style is natural, back to nature. You do not have to use big green plants, small green plants are enough. Place the green plants on the table or in the corner of a room at your house. The kinds of green plants you can choose are cactus, bonsai, and many more. If you already chose your favorite green plants, you do not need any decorations. You need to remember to avoid placing too many green plants in your Scandinavian home design.

Tricks to Design Home with Vintage Style

Home design is various. There are a lot of home designs such as a minimalist design, Scandinavian design, modern design, traditional design, and many more. One design which is getting popular nowadays is a vintage design. A vintage design is identical with anything old, ancient, faded, and floral. Are you interested to design your home with a vintage look? Here are several tricks you can follow to do so.

Green, Pink, White, and Orange

A vintage house is usually dominated by green, pink, white, and orange. But it does not mean you must use all those 4 colors in one room at your house. You can choose only one dominated color. If you want to combine a vintage look with a modern look, choose white as the dominant color. If you want it to be more feminine, choose pink. If you want a calmer and more natural nuance in your house, green or orange can be a perfect choice.

Shabby Coffee Table

In order to bring a vintage look in your family room or living room, place a shabby coffee table. To have a shabby coffee table, you can choose a wooden coffee table with faded color paints. This vintage coffee table can be in the form of 4 legged table or a second hand wooden box just like in the picture above. Do not be afraid to use secondhand stuff to create a vintage home design.

Floral Patterned Sofa

Choose a floral-patterned sofa as a seat. For the floral pattern, you can pick small floral patterns to medium floral patterns. Choose the floral patterns carefully, because this floral patterned sofa will be the center of attention in the room at your house. Do not forget about the colors of the floral patterned sofa. Make sure the colors match with the floral patterns so that the sofa will not look too crowded and tacky.

Vintage Hanging Lamp

A vintage home is also identical with vintage hanging lamps as a decoration. This vintage hanging lamp is usually a yellow bulb inside a glass. Hang several decorative vintage hanging lamps in your living room in order to add an old atmosphere. The dim lights from the hanging lamps will also create a warm atmosphere in the room at your house.

Photo Frames

If you want to decorate the walls or table in your house, use photo frames that have carvings around the edges. Or you are also able to use plain photo frames that its color paints are already faded. Moreover, you can also be creative by arranging the photo frames with a collage photo frame model in order to bring a unique touch in the room at your house. If you want other vintage decorations to be placed on the table, you can place small candles, tiny flower vase, or medium-sized cans to use them as a storage.

Those are the tricks to create a vintage look in your house. It is not hard to design your house with a vintage home design, isn’t it?

Small Home Decoration Tips

Home decoration is surely important for creating a space which can be comfortable for the homeowner. Nevertheless, decorating a small house must be a huge challenge. It seems impossible to have the house which can really be suitable to their personality without looking cluttered. In fact, it is possible to have a stylish small home by using the tips below.

1. Clear the Floor Space

There is no doubt that people just want to make sure that they use the available space in the small house as much as possible. However, they have to be very careful because they do not want to find difficult to walk in the small space just because of the decoration. It is better to clear the floor space by using the floating pieces for nightstands and shelves for example. This way, the floor space will be clear from the obstacles. The space beneath the pieces can be used for extra storage space if necessary. For lighting, it is better to choose the wall light and sconce instead of the floor lamps.

2. Foldable Pieces

It is true that there are some furniture pieces which are familiar for home use such as the desk and the dining table. But, people should think twice about placing those items in the small house. They must realize that they will not use it all the time. That is why it is better for them to install the foldable furnishing so it can be folded up when it is not used. This idea will help them free the floor space up. The folding doors can also be considered when people have the kitchen with one wall.

3. Lighting

When people want to work with the home decoration for a small space, they have to deal with the feeling that the room can look dark especially when there is no window available. If they cannot get the natural light access in the small space, they should replace it by using a lot of light source in every room in the house. They can use the ceiling fixtures with a striking appearance like flush mount or pendant according to the height of the ceiling. It should be combined with the table lamps or sconces for getting the bright and cozy atmosphere in the house.

4. Mirrors

There is no need to worry if they cannot get enough natural light access because they can use the magic of the mirror in their small home design. It will help a lot because it will reflect the available light around the rooms. At the same time, space will look bigger with the mirror. It is really like a magician that can give the illusion of space. They can try to install a large mirror for lining the wall. They can also make a gallery wall using mirrors with different shapes and sizes.

5. Rug

The rug is necessary but choosing the wrong rug will not be needed for a small home decoration. People should be wise about the size. Instead of choosing a small one, it is better to use the rug which can cover large enough floor space where the furniture can sit on.