We’ll have to look forward to seeing their good performance.

I bought Sports Toto for the third time, but it’s not easy to match the crew. ㅜㅜ

For this fourth purchase, we’ll have to target it.Haha

I’m going to buy 3 games this time.

Tottenham vs Liverpool

Naples vs. Specia

Ajax vs. Willem II

Then let’s go buy it.

Tottenham vs Liverpool in 1 match

Tottenham won four games and one draw in the last five games.

Liverpool has won, one draw 스포츠중계 and three losses in the last five games.

Tottenham have won a lot of recent games.

It’s a stage where you can even try to make it to the Champions League.^^

Liverpool has lost two games in a row. If they lose again, the team’s mood will not go well.

I think we’re going to have a fierce game with three points for both teams.~~

So my choice is a tie.

Napoli vs Specia in 2 matches

Napoli, three wins and two losses in their last five games.

Specia, you have three wins, one draw and one loss in the last five games.

Napoli are showing poor performance if they win two consecutive games.

Specia seems to have a good performance recently.

I lost 4:3 in AS Roma in the last game, but I don’t look bad aggressively.

The cup competition is very likely to rotate, right?

Napoli are more likely to have players who were candidates, and Specia is believed to be able to focus on cup competitions rather than the league in the lower ranks.

Son Heung-min (29, Tottenham), who missed the goal with an offside declared at the end of the video reading (VAR), did not receive a good rating amid the team’s complete defeat.
Football statistician HooScored Dotcom gave Son Heung-min 6.5 points after finishing the 20th round of Tottenham and Liverpool’s 2020-2021 English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 29th (Korea time.

Son Heung-min played full-time on the day, but the goalkeeper remained silent.
He shook the net three minutes after the first half, but the score was canceled as VAR declared offside. After the first half, Harry Kane, the attacking partner, did not play much in the aftermath of his injury.

The 6.5-point rating is the second highest in the team after Pierre-Emil Hoivier (7.6 points), but Tottenham lost 1-3, and the overall rating of the players was not high.
In both teams, Sadio Mane, who led Liverpool’s victory with one goal and one assist, scored the highest with 8.6 points.
Son Heung-min scored five points lower in the Football London rating.
The media said Son Heung-min did not receive much support when he went up to the front line after Kane was missing, adding, “It was a hard night for him.”
Football London gave Tottenham defender Matt Doherty three points and criticized him.

So my choice is a tie.

Ajax vs. Willem II

Ajax, four wins and one draw in the last five games.

Willem II, 2 draws and 3 losses in the last 5 games.

As everyone knows, Ajax is proud to be a candidate to win the Dutch league!

Ajax is well-organized with young players.

Ulsan Hyundai announced on the 29th that it has appointed Roh Sang-rae (51), former head coach of Jeonnam Dragons, as the youth director in charge of youth teams by age.
Roh Sang-rae, the new director, will help Ulsan youth players grow systematically and advance into professionalism based on his rich experience as a professional team leader.
Director Noh, who began his professional career as a founding member of Jeonnam in 1995, played in the K-League for 10 years until he retired from Daegu FC in 2004.
After retiring as a player, he began to walk the path of leader at the Kim Hee-tae Football Center in 2005 and assisted former coach Park Hang-seo as a coach in Jeonnam from 2008 to 2011.
In 2012, he moved to Gangwon FC and worked as a senior coach before returning to Jeonnam in the same year to serve as a manager, senior coach and technical advisor.
In 2019, he continued to coach Busan I’Park.
Director Noh expressed his determination, saying, “My role is to make the best use of professional coaching experience and know-how to foster players so that Ulsan’s excellent youth players can go straight to the professional league.”
He added, “We will create an environment for Ulsan players who have grown up in a solid youth system to grow into franchise stars of the team.”

Willem, on the other hand, is having a hard time in the relegation zone! We’ll have to look forward to seeing their good performance.

So my choice is to win the Ajax.

We’ve picked three games!

I hope you get hit this time.

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