We are sparring and improving our skills.

Jiu-Jitsu is a ground-based exercise.
It is a very strong exercise that is suitable for self-

There will be no exercise like self-defense or diet.
So these days, self-defense, diet, etc.
The word “children’s jujitsu” is not unfamiliar to you.~

He’s teaching self-defense jugjitsu as a basic.
Jiu-Jitsu Hwang Doo-hwan-Jim.
There’s a female coach in the field.

The first female members, the female members,
You’re giving me guidance so that I’m not unfamiliar with the class.
They also kindly provide diet counseling and exercise counseling.

It’s a full-body workout, so it’s a calorie-consuming exercise.
Men and women of all ages, diet and self-defense.
It’s really good for relieving stress.

So there are many office workers.
Working out together, working out all the stress that’s accumulated in our daily lives at work.
I think it’s a wise way to solve it healthily.

Our Jiu-Jitsu Hwang Doo-hwan luggage is…
I think it’s more popular because the location and parking conditions are good.

It’s located on the side of the intersection.
Free access to the parking tower of the gym building is available for three hours.
It’s a good gym to exercise without any stress about parking.

All classes, including diet, self-defense, and alcohol,
Always from the beginning, every step and every hand gesture.
Our instructor who is well versed in the details of the technology.
and coaching staff.

Take turns practicing the skills you’ve learned.
The coach and the coach were walking around.
You are kind enough to guide me daily.

Jiu-Jitsu Hwang Doo-Hwan-Jim is not bored after the technical training.
We are sparring and improving our skills.

Jujitsu is an exercise that requires a lot of space.
The size of the class space is large, so there is no inconvenience at all when exercising.

So, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar and various programs.
It’s a gym that rents and hosts a lot.

It’s not like starving yourself for a diet, or you’re on 주짓수 medication.
Through the jiujitsu, you can create a body that is yo-yo-free, solid and flexible.
Come here to learn jiujitsu, where you can learn self-defense.

If you’re going to go on a diet with me,
I’m sure you’ll get the shape you really want.

Many members have fun working out.
There are many members who have improved their daily lives.
Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that can subdue an opponent with skills, not strength.
You can develop the ability to protect yourself at dangerous moments.

I’m learning jiujitsu. At the moment of crisis,
You can beat your opponent perfectly.Maybe.
I can’t say it’s 100% safe in every crisis.
At least we’re gonna have to avoid the least defensive crisis.
You’ll be able to use your powers.
Jiu-Jitsu is good for quick reaction and self-defense.
It’s good to keep it steady for your health.

to train the mind and the body.
Come and learn with Jiu-Jitsu Hwang Doo-hwan Jim.

He’s a very active student in the class.
Thanks to our Jujitsu Hwang Doo Hwan Jim members,
Even the newly registered people, naturally passionate,
You can be close and exercise together.

And always put safety first without injury.
I’m very satisfied because I’m teaching.

Also, because of Corona these days, outside activities are restricted,
Our children and adolescents who have become less immune and obese.
We’re getting a lot of inquiries from parents.
We’ve opened a new children’s drinking class.

Children’s jujitsu works out in sweat, builds confidence.
Exercises that I do alone are boring and boring.
If you’re weak-willed, it’s hard to last long.
Jiu-Jitsu is not boring as an exercise with an opponent.

It’s indoor, and there’s no restrictions on the weather at all right?
You can exercise steadily without making excuses.
If you’re worried about your child because he’s too,
Children who are introverted and lack confidence;
Parents with children who need self-defense.

If you trust us with Hwang Doo Hwan Jim,
So that the kids can have fun working out.
I will teach you based on encouragement and support.

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