Facial meridian massage or skin care

Everyone has their own complex.

Korea’s leading beauty stars, too.

If they all have their own complexity,

You’ll understand right away.

Even if you don’t stand out in the eyes of others until you speak,

To me, every time I look in the mirror, I feel like I’m seeing something.

With such complexity,

I’ve always wanted a small face.

I’ll give you a chance to see where you’re good at.

I got to know you and came to visit you.

For those of you who’ve been hooked on one complex like me,

I’m sure you all understand.

Makeup that looks like a small face,

They’re crazy about styling.

And then I thought I’d look for a hospital.

I’m sure there are a lot of you who do.

But with styling and makeup,

There’s a limit to it’s a limit.

I’m afraid to go to the hospital, too.

I’m a scaredy-cat. I’m a face massage guy.

I’m trying to reduce the size.

Once I’ve done several searches,

Ga-In-mi was born in Guwol-dong, Incheon.

There’s a high rate of re-visits.

Even if you look at the before-after photos, it’s clear.

The difference is trustworthy.

I’m visiting here.

Besides, this place is a different facial massage.

The good thing is that we sell home care products.

It’s not the end, it’s not the end.

So that it can be maintained at home continuously.

Home-care-enabled cosmetics.

Because it’s on the market.

As long as you’re diligent,

with constant care at home

In a shorter time

It can produce more satisfactory results.

I’ve come to take this place boldly.

There are many branches, too.

You can visit close to your home.

It has its advantages.

Actually, no matter how good you are,

If it’s too far,

It didn’t go very well.

But there are many branches here.

I think we can manage it continuously.

I’m visiting here.

This brand is 12 years old.

It’s an esthetic company.

As much as you’ve had in your old career,

We have a lot of them.

We’ve got about a million members.

I have it.

The reason why there are so many customers is because

It’s because this place is good at facial massage.

I’ll do it.

The way you treat your guests,

Very kind and serviceable.

Because he’s got a mind.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for more.

That’s one reason.

Until wait time or post-management time

The staff manages the guests meticulously.

These little kindnesses and considerations.

Without a lot of marketing publicity,

Customers are constantly going around here.

on the grapevine

And the new guests keep coming.

I think he’ll be recruited on his own.

This place doesn’t do extensive marketing.

Only the sincerity of the guest,

The guests who have received their sincere hearts

It’s a place where I do business through word of mouth.

It’s not just about the responsibility system.

It’s been introduced.

I’m not saying I’m going to take responsibility for what I say.

I’ve introduced a system.

When you quit your long-term membership,

Just in case you’re being negligent.

The burden of service.

I can shake it off.

This place, and at the time of absolute counseling,

I don’t ask for excessive ticketing.

For example,

I just wanted to cut off the facial size.

You’re giving me one reason or Give me one reason or another.

Take care of your skin.

You’re telling me to stop taking care of my diet.

Experience with aesthetic shops

I’m sure you’ll all be here at least once.

This place is a place where you can never get such unreasonable ticketing.

I’m not asking.

You can visit without any burden.

This place is customized.

It was all the more appealing to me.

Custom management is a good idea.

It’s not a uniform management.

With information about each member,

The management of that is being carried out.

In the same facial massage process,

Even if it’s a clown reduction,

Side or front cheekbones?

What’s the range?

It’s different.

And if you take care of it on a weekly basis,

There’s another size change.

There’s also a little change in management.

It’s the law.

I calculate it every turn.

Thinking is the only thing that’s got to do.

It’s going to be a burden for the management,

That’s how customization works here.

on the way

The satisfaction of the guests is higher.

As the Corona situation lengthens,

You gain weight, you lose control.

That’s how your face gets fat.

But now that I’m in charge,

I feel like I’ve got a lot of fat on my face.

Rather than reducing the size of the face itself,

Thanks to the lifting flesh.

I feel like my face looks small.

You said you wanted a small face.

You don’t just focus on the small face.

Each person has that ratio.

There’s harmony.

The janitors,

in harmony with it

Because it’s in control.

You don’t have to worry.

Of course, members’ satisfaction is high.

Sure. That goes without saying.

This place can be customized.

I also take care of my face.

In other cases,

The order of care is already fixed.

at one’s discretion

I mean, you know, you’re making time by your guests.

It’s like changing the order.

It’s impossible to touch the program.

Here, if there’s a customer’s need,

It’s also possible to focus on specific management.

After all the care I’ve given you,

You’re not going to be able to get your stress out of your stress zone out.

It’s possible to get intensive care.

It’s true that customers’ satisfaction is also high.

And then, like face lines, cheekbones, etc.

Even if you’re under management,

The skin condition check is entered by default.

It’s just simply some kind of skin.

It’s not what I thought.

IT Skin Diagnosis

Checking the exact condition of your skin.

It is possible.

Then it’s more accurate.

using cosmetics

The right 강남피쉬안마 management for the customer is the right?

It’s an advantage here.

I can do it.

Besides, these cosmetics are very popular.

To make home care possible.

It’s possible to sell it’

Facial meridian massage or skin care

What good news for the recipients.

I have no idea.

a facial massage

From one to ten.

Full of customer support

At the aesthetic shop,

We’ve managed this season.

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