Relax fatigue and stress

from neck to mitral muscle and back

I’m sick and sick even if I stay still

I ended up going for a massage

I used to get a massage in Vietnam

It was the first time I’d ever been to a massage shop in Korea

I was a little nervous because I was so sick

I don’t think you’ll hurt me too much

There’s another corridor line besides here

There were many rooms where you could get a drink

There’s nothing to be done when you get into the room

There are pretty 강남피쉬안마 ceiling tents and two mats

He told me to change while I was giving him clothes

I changed

Why did I give you my men’s pants?

Put your phone in your pocket and your pants will fall down

First, I’m gonna start with a foot bath

I’m gonna need a pretty pink foot bath

The tee was ready

If you’re soaking your feet, the massager

You come and massage your feet, and something really

healing feeling

There’s a shower room where you change. You can use basic cosmetics after you shower. All the products you can see in dermatology.

It was good because it was a good place to finish with good products.

The women’s dressing room has a unique pouch on the key. The pouch key hanger, which is useful for those with belongings.

You should wear a mask even if you change. It’s a body massage, so you have to wear a mask.

You can change because disposable underwear is provided.

Because the eye massage is also in, you can also provide a lens barrel so that those who wear lenses do not panic.

I’m not sure I have a lens box when I’m wearing a lens. You’ve been able to understand the needs of your guests.

If you’re waiting for me to change, please take the water. Put your feet in warm water and relax

Many people come and go, so cleanliness is important

Cheonho Station Hidden Thai was clean and dusty on the floor, so I liked it!

You know, if you don’t usually care about cleanliness, it’s messy and smelly

How well you manage

the towel is full and the good smell comes out in the pillow

I could get a massage with confidence!

The manager of the Cheonho station Hidden Thai gives a full-scale massage

You can massage me from head to toe with a good hand

It was so cool and refreshing!

If the manager doesn’t massage well

I’m nervous and I’m automatically getting a little bit of strength

The manager is a delicate, skilled technique

I was just looking at your body and giving you a massage

He was so comfortable that he thought he was leaving me alone

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