I’m gonna get a postpartum massage on a business trip.

It’s been almost two months since I gave birth.

I’ve heard that postpartum care is important during pregnancy.

I don’t know if you really have to. You don’t know how much postpartum wind you have.

And my cousin’s relatives lived abroad and gave birth.

She’s doing fine without postpartum care.

I just didn’t think much of it, but it was really hard after the birth.

I thought she was giving birth to a natural birth and recovering quickly.

As the days went by, my body started to ache so much that I had to use too much strength to give birth.

But it didn’t hurt for long, so I didn’t want to get another postnatal massage.

After two weeks, all the joints in my body hurt.

I’ve had both ankle injuries before.

He’s got a weak wrist, so he’s gonna hold the baby and he’s holding the baby up.

It must have been a lot harder than I thought.

My joints were loosened a lot when I gave birth, and I thought I was better.

I thought this was the postpartum thing, and I thought it was the way to break my body.

Even if you’re resting at home, you’re not lying there doing nothing.

You didn’t seem to be feeling well.

And after a month, as well as a joint,

The pelvis, which didn’t go well before childbirth.

Maybe it’s because you turned around to breastfeed.

There’s no place that doesn’t hurt from the pelvis.

I can’t lie down. I can’t do anything about it.

It really hurt to the point where I cried alone.

So I thought I’d find out the real Uijeongbu postnatal massage.

When my mother came home to help me,

I thought it would be convenient to get a postpartum massage from Uijeongbu on a business trip.

I was in a hurry to ask at a local mom’s cafe, and I barely made a reservation. __

I should’ve done it earlier.

There were a lot of mom cafe and blog reviews.

First of all, the price is cheaper than I thought.

Rennesje, who was famous for being so good.

It wasn’t easy getting a reservation. I recommend you to consult in advance…!

I was on the phone, and I heard there was a canceled seat.

I got a postpartum massage in Uijeongbu for that schedule. Luckily

During pregnancy, life…15 kilos…Steamed

I had a lot of edema before that.

He says the joint is much weaker than it was.

Muscle mass was a lot more body fat.

Because of the twisted pelvis earlier, of course, it was balanced asymmetry.

The first day of care I get my long-awaited postpartum massage.

My chief of staff visited me with an incredible load.

It’s really heavy, and you must have had a hard time bringing in supplies for your care.

Fortunately, we’re lucky to have Elbe in our house.

I felt you were amazing.

The massage bed seems to be the heaviest…

The postnatal massage manager from Uijeongbu came home and changed into a maintenance suit.

I was relieved to hear that you replaced the mask with a new one.

I think I have a mother and a baby at home.

That’s what I was worried about the most about.

I’m gonna use the disinfectant that you brought with you the maintenance supplies.

Spray it, wipe it, and get it ready.

While you’re ready, I’ve charted.

After I filled it out, it was like a shop.

I didn’t even get a prenatal massage.

I was wondering what the postnatal massage would be like.

I used to get a tie massage or a Chinese massage.

I thought it might be similar, but the chief said the postnatal massage was completely different.

The whole body’s twisted, the sick mother’s body.

Thai or Chinese massage is really dangerous…!

Especially for a body that’s not recovering properly like me.

If you’d received the postnatal massage sooner, you wouldn’t have said that.Throbbing…

It’s just amazing how my cousins lived abroad again.

In fact, the first postpartum massage that you’ve been ill with is…

Even after receiving it, the pain lasted a long time…

That’s how bad it was, right?

Uijeongbu postnatal massage is not done by machine when you take care of it.

I think it’s an advantage to control the pressure by using your hands only.

And for pressing down on the right hemispheres,

I’ve had a lot of effects on edema, and my broken pelvis has improved a lot. ^-^

Her back felt so stiff from breastfeeding.

It’s really cool when the muscles are loosened.

If you are breastfeeding mothers, you know that your back and neck really hurt…

The manager caught on to where it was more uncomfortable and where it was worse.

It’s been heaven for you to take better care of me better. I was happy the whole time.

She’s the head of the department who specializes in mothers.

It’s amazing how every time you touch it, you’re like a ghost, and you know what’s wrong.

I realized that it wasn’t good because you pressed the arm muscles that I felt were fine.?

It’s not like I’m taking a break and looking at a baby.

I thought you’d still live with Rennesay.

When you feel better, you can exercise gently and massage together.

He said it’d be much better for postural correction.

I’ve decided to add five more administrations to the list of ten.

Thanks to the janitor who’s been so meticulous,

You’ve lost a lot of edema. You’ve lost weight.

The postpartum massage works every time I get it.

I got it a little later, but…

I feel better after giving birth, and then I get it right away.

I 출장마사지 think a twisted pelvis and edema will be much better.

I’m on a business trip, so I don’t have any travel expenses.

The quality is no different from the shop, so I’m very satisfied.

If you are looking for Uijeongbu postnatal massage, I recommend it.

I want you to stay cool and take care of yourself.

Have a child-rearing date!

Oh, I’ll leave the number below.

Hurry up and make a reservation in advance if you need it!

People say they get postnatal massage on business trips these days.

It’s a famous place, but I heard it’s harder to make a reservation.

Then I’ll be back in my parenting diary next time.

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